The Simple Secret to Good Marketing

Create something that rises above the clutter. 

It’s a simple concept but it’s exceptionally hard to do and do it consistently.

This is particularly challenging if you want to rise above the clutter for a mass market rather than a small niche audience.

If you want to try and rise above the clutter and become a known brand for either of these potential audiences (undifferentiated masses or a targeted segment) then you have your four basic levers of the value proposition that you can pull: 

Your Product which in itself can be so unusual, unique, new etc. that it causes people to take notice. This is where people often refer to the marketing being baked right in to the product, such that people feel they have to tell their friends or news media take notice and start to promote the product for free. (Think Tesla or apple getting coverage at product launches – helped by a PR army.)

Your Pricing strategy can be constructed either at the low side or high side that that tells a story which makes customers take notice. This could be having ‘the most expensive watch ever sold’ or cokes 1940s / 50s strategy of being able to buy one anywhere in the world for a nickel (helped by the US Army). 

The lever usually reach for when trying to create marketing that works, your Promotion can be used such that through PR or creative advertising or use of advertising technology can help your message rise above the clutter and help people take notice. 

Finally, you can use Place to ensure that where and when people come into contact with the product or service they take notice through a multitude of strategies, for example placement in a luxury goods store or selling muffins right beside the check out for a coffee shop. 

Whatever method or combination of methods you go for, you should have one singular goal for your target market – rise above the clutter.

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