A Brand isn’t just Your Companies Visual Identity

It’s an easy mistake to make and get caught thinking that your brand is just your companies visual identity

By visual identity we mean the logo and of the marketing materials you create (these are broader than you think; signs, app design etc all fall within this)

Whilst all these things are very important a good brand goes well beyond just the visuals

Remember at its core the Brand of a company is what the customer thinks when they think about that business

If you take the example of any famous fast food company and ask 20 people they all on average will have similar things to say about them

This is because those companies have spent huge amounts of money not on logos and visuals but on all types of marketing to position how their business is perceived in the market

So if you are thinking about a rebrand – or even establishing a brand then think more broadly than a new logo and what it represents to the company / designer

Anything a company puts out there should be what it means for the customer and what they think of it – don’t get these two mixed up!

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