Don’t include free add-ons with your product offering!

Avoid including add-ons with your product when you are making your sales pitch as it might have the opposite outcome from what you desire

There’s been well documented studies over the years that show when you bundle additional lower value products with an offering it devalues the offering in the mind of the customer

If you think about it a great product doesn’t need anything extra to be worth purchasing on it’s own

The original was when they were selling a portable music player back in the day when there was a “free” add on of mp3 downloads or headphones customers actually thought the gadget was worth less

This is due to the effect of people thinking the company must have spent less on the product if they are adding these things into the bundle

This flies in the face of what most entrepreneurs think when they want to add as much value as possible to offering for a customer

An error they are making that might actually cost them money

Focus on adding the value to your core product not bundling it with extras and add-ons

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