Advertising that isn’t an AD

Some of the most clever advertising that companies can do aren’t even ADs at all.

Take the Birkin bag, it’s hugely difficult to get your hands on even if you can afford one, being seen with one on your arm or in your closet as the must have accessory & object of desire! This works at creating both a mystique and demand from customers – advertising that isn’t advertising.

Or blackberry (and then apple) with their “Sent from a Blackberry / iPhone” default signature that become both an excuse for why there might be spelling errors as busy executives checked email on the go but also a status symbol as someone who was able to afford get access to an early smartphone.

Take the noise from a Mustang or Harley engine, that’s advertising for Ford & Harley Davidson even if it’s not an advert.

With your product or service are there ways you can develop elements of your offering to make them advertising without making ADs.

Because when you have that as part of your model, as customers use the product the benefit is you are getting advertising without paying for it as your customers influence others mindset and buying behaviours.

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