Building Your Own Promotional Ecosystem

A promotional ecosystem is primarily an interconnected set of products, services and experiences built around your business that feeds each other through logical cross promotion whilst still driving revenue in different areas.

One of the best examples of this is the Disney corporation (outlined in the image below) where their movies are connected to their park experiences and their mechanising whilst each feeds each other and helps grow the overall brand.

Credit: Walt Disney Productions

For you as a small business owner or creator using the example of Disney might seem quite extreme.

Worry not though there are simpler ways of building out these ideas.

Take the example of a landscape photographer.

They might:

  • Sell their photos they take.
  • Run classes that help others take great photos.
  • Sell online courses on how to work different bits of equipment.
  • Provide reviews with affiliate links to their favourite kit for taking photos.
  • Produce guides for the ultimate experiences for other photographers / families / adventurers.
  • Sell merchandise to those that are in their audience and want to be affiliated with their brand.

The list could go on.

But you can see here how each of their pair for activities might drive a loyal customer into consuming more of the products or services the small business owner might be offering.

This wouldn’t take a large team or a huge advertising budget to create these different sales channels whilst maximising the value their customers receive when doing business with them.

Have you given any thought to how you might create a promotional ecosystem in your small business in order to drive greater revenue?

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