Make Your Marketing Anything But Safe

Playing it safe and trying to make everyone like your marketing or even just trying not not to offend anyone with might seem like the logical thing to do.

But it’s really not. If you think about it, when you try to please everyone you likely create something that no one really loves. And most people will likely ignore because it’s too vanilla.

Even when you try to offend no one, there will always be someone who will find a reason not to like what it is you do (maybe even the fact that it’s too boring) and get offended.

With marketing that some people love you can create raving fans but you’ll def have some people who are offended or dislike your marketing but that’s ok, it’s not for them.

You can’t please everyone all of the time, so don’t even try, create marketing campaigns that your target customers will love and connect with and then forget about the rest.

Who knows the people that hate your marketing might even end up generating enough buzz for you that you get some additional free media coverage when there’s the likely outcry at whatever it is you are doing!

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