Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for The Sale

Too many small businesses hide behind ‘marketing’ in the hope that they won’t have to sell.

The truth is though that every bit of marketing communications should ask for the sale in some shape or form.

This doesn’t mean you have to be pushy or resort to slimy tactics but it does mean that you need to know what you want your customer to do, what action to take (hopefully open their wallet or click the buy button) once they interact with you.

If you don’t like selling you shouldn’t be in business.

Marketing isn’t a way around this it’s just a way of enhancing the direct sales tactics and operating them at sale.

When a beer brand runs a TV advertising campaign they are (if it’s done right) asking for the sale when they want to you ask for a bottle the next time are are in a bar or shop.

When you see eye catching packing on the new brand of cookies, thats the company asking for you to pick them up and to make the sale.

You’ve got to be selling and anything otherwise is just a hobby and not a business!

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