Stop fixating on tactics and shiny objects

When you are marketing your product or service there is a risk that you will become obsessed with tactics and shiny objects

What do we mean when we say tactics and shiny objects?

Tactics are anything practical that you want to use for marketing e.g. organic social media

Shiny objects are the new mediums (generally tactics) that come along to use as part of your communication mix

Too many small business marketers start from a point of “wouldn’t it be great if we used xxxxxx to market our product”

If this is you there’s a simple solution, change your focus from new things and tactics to strategy

With a strategy in place it will simply let you know what you should or shouldn’t be doing at any particular point in time.

With a strategy you will have done the hard work that will enable you to figure out which tactics you should or shouldn’t be using and how you will use them

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