You Cant Beat the Social Algorithms

No matter what tricks you try you won’t beat the social media algorithms

You might be a one person or a very small business getting information online that makes you think you can get your content noticed with different tips and tricks

But these companies are huge with massive budgets and teams of people who focus on one thing – getting users attentions and businesses to buy ads

So you might find something that works for a short time but in the long run the only thing that will work is to buy ads or promote posts

So instead of seeing organic social (trying to get posts seen without paying anything) as something to be chased, see the platform for what it is

One more channel for paid advertising

This might mean that there are other paid platforms that would be better for your business

This all depends on your business and most importantly your marketing strategy

Plan your strategy first then look at your tactics (Which paid social media might be one. But it also might not be)

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