What to do when things just aren’t working…

Are you in a creative rut? Struggling to solve marketing problems or issues? Not getting traction with your current strategy?

Maybe it’s time to start questioning your established ways of thinking and operating…

“The creative process is fuelled by divergent thinking — a breaking away from familiar or established ways of seeing and doing.” — The Innovator’s Toolkit, Harvard Business Essentials

If your not sure how to do this in practice some of the best ways can be to;

  • Try to change your environment your operating within – an established environment breeds a certain way of thinking and will keep you in a rut – getting out of your comfort zone can be enough to help you see things differently or change how your brain is approaching a problem.
  • Broaden the outlook your team or those you take advice from – when we work with people who all look like us, have the same background as us and have worked in the same place as us for a long time you end up with group think, everyone approaches the problems in the same way, outside perspectives might be uncomfortable to the team or to you, but it’s better than the alternative!
  • Undertake a blank slate analysis of your whole company – with a blank slate analysis you look at every detail of your business operations from production to sales and customer service and ask if we were rebuilding this again what would we do? Often exercises like this will bring up uncomfortable truths about how the business is operating and some of the received wisdom that has become the norm.

None of these ideas are easy but then again change and innovation isn’t ever easy.

The alternative is to continue to watch your business decline as it’s overtaken by market forces or competitors.

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