Why You Need To Be Disliked

When you are creating your marketing strategy the desire often is to try and play it safe and be liked by everyone.

This won’t work.

The essence of good strategy is excluding certain segments so that you can focus on those that do like what you do.

When you play it safe you end up with a lukewarm reaction from all sides and no one really cares about you.

There’s two take aways from this:

  • Don’t worry when you do get haters (usually means that your connecting with your core audience well)
  • What are you doing to lean in to your core audience if you aren’t worried about putting off some of the other available segments in the market?

When you know exactly who your target customers and are brave enough to serve them well you will be on the path to creating marketing that really works and really connects with the target segment.

The key to this is knowing who you will target and who you are happy to exclude *without being nasty, rude or insulting to them.

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