How to Avoid Marketing Busy Work

As a small business owner you can get caught up with all sorts of marketing busy work.

This is work that you think is moving the needle on your sales and profitability but likely isn’t doing much.

You might think that posting all the time to social media is helping your brand grow, but unless you are putting a spend behind your social media work you are likely seeing limited growth in those platforms.

Or perhaps you write endless email campaigns but because they are so out of touch with what your customers want they never get open or have very very poor click through rates.

Whatever the action you are taking you might feel like you are doing a lot but if it’s not driving results it’s just busy work.

The alternative is to do less and make sure that it works, so that when you do spend time on it, it’s actually bringing in revenue or growing your brand.

One of the key elements of your marketing strategy should always be deciding what you will not do so that you can focus more fully on what you will do.

Deciding what to do is about having the clarity through research of your target customers and testing of your marketing campaigns against the objectives outlined in your strategy and ensuring these two things meet up.

Ultimately though as a small business it’s all about that drives revenue whilst maintaining profitability.

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