You Don’t Have A Lack Of Understanding Problem You’ve A Lack Of Interest Problem

You might think that you’ve too complex a problem to solve that is switching your customers off to your marketing.

But in reality if you are struggling to engage your target market and they are collectively shrugging their shoulders you might be suffering more from a communication problem.

Orson Welles sums the issue up perfectly;

“I can think of nothing an audience won’t understand. The only problem is to interest them; once they are interested they understand anything in the world.” Orson Welles

So no matter how complex your solution or the problem you solve is, if you aren’t engaging an audience learn this lesson and first think how can you best interest them.

Once they are interested, you can then try to help them understand the problem that you solve and why your solution is the best thing for them.

Only once they are aware of and understand the problem can you then move to selling them your solution.

But before any of that, earn the right to communicate with them by being interesting!

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