Are you boring your target audience with your ads?

It’s one thing to have your ads disliked or disagreed with but it’s a whole other problem for people to find your advertising boring or worse not notice it at all…

When we create advertising or promotions ourselves we are so invested in the product or the creative that we have created that we think it’s the best thing in the world – why wouldn’t people buy?

But take a step back and watch how some of your target audience interacts with your advertising, if it’s a billboard then camp out for a day and just watch to see if people look at or stop and read it

The results might surprise you, this isn’t scientific but it will let you know if your message is being ignored!

If you’ve got a boring problem then you need to go back to the drawing board an come up with creative ideas that people actually want to spend their time reading, watching or listening to…

(Usually the biggest problem brands have when it comes to creating boring advertising is that they fall into corporate speak and try to play it safe – your brand needs to have some personality so avoid this at all costs)

Here’s a thought why not talk the same way real humans do *not in a cheesy or corny way though!

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