Don’t expect starting a business to be constant excitement

If you are looking to get a constant rush from starting a business then maybe do something else

Lots of founders love starting things and coming up with initial ideas and getting moving on them

But for many the thrill wears off pretty quickly and the ideas seem less exciting as the day to day of running a business takes over

The reality is – to do business right there’s some pretty boring stuff that you have to do.

If the business becomes more successful then there’s even more monotonous tasks to be done from HR issues to ensuring that cash flow is maintained and meetings so many meetings.

Whilst the hard charging, decision making, fire fighting entrepreneurial personality seems appealing when your starting your business unless you are one of a small handful of people it’s not healthy to maintain forever, it shows a bit of the immaturity of the business to stay in this hustle zone!

Don’t start a business for the thrills, start it because you have to solve the problem for your customers and the market!

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