Focus on Your Strengths Is Bad Business Advice

If your an individual focusing on your strengths is a great advice – you might never improve your weaknesses but you will definitely get better at something you’ve already got talent in.

Small businesses though are not individuals, they are integrated systems and everything within them has to work for them to be truly successful.

Think about it this way, if you are a photographer running a small photography business then you are likely pretty good at taking photos.

If you only optimise your strengths then you will get even better at taking photos which is good.

But you might be terrible at marketing or at invoicing your customers.

Both these things are essential to having a successful business because they mean that you get money in the door to help pay your overheads.

You need to look at the things in your business that you are bad at – your bottlenecks and focus on how to optimise those.

It doesn’t mean that YOU have to do anything to do with them.

Maybe theres a bit of software, a person or an outside service you can buy in to overcome whatever the bottleneck is.

Once you’ve done this with all the bottlenecks and have the system fully optimised you can then focus on improving the strengths of the business!

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