Are you overestimating the power of brand activism?

Every big business under the sun seems to be chasing whatever activism trend is flavour of the month recently.

They see brand activism to really connect with their customers and show how ‘good’ their business is.

Ironically lots of these multinationals spend exorbitant amounts of money to avoid paying tax wherever possible.

Small businesses who often try to follow big businesses and copy what they do often can find themselves falling into the trap of trying to be brand activists themselves.

Now this might work if you run a business in an adjacent space and having an opinion or trying to make a difference in a particular area could really work and also support your businesses goals.

But don’t think that it will nesescarily bring you more customers or help your customers connect with you more.

A recent study found that 70% of consumers said brand activism had no influence on their buying decisions.

So, why not as a small business just quietly focus on being ‘good’ business; paying fair wages, paying taxes, supporting your local community, being kind to the environment, challenging oppression, the list could go on.

Turns out you can do all these things without making a big song and dance about it!?!

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