The mistake brands make when it comes to socio-political issues

Most people don’t care what your brand thinks about (insert current social/political issue)

Whatever social issues is happening at any moment in time, odd are that the majority of consumers don’t actually care what a brand has to say about it.

Every time a brand speaks out to condemn something bad that has happened it doesn’t cost that brand anything, as the saying goes talk is cheap.

What consumers do probably care about are how your brand actually acts.

Consumers care what sort of political donations your business makes, they care how your staff are treated.

They care about your supply chains and production ethics.

They care about how much tax you pay in the jurisdictions you do business in. Not just where you say your headquarters are.

They care about your business actually being good not just talking about how others should be good.

So, if you want to make CSR part of your marketing strategy, you need to do it across the board not just pay lip service the next time there’s a social issue.

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