You Probably Run a Business Not a Brand

If you are a small business or small organisation you probably don’t have a brand.

And that’s ok.

It’s simple because brands are recognisable to large swathes of the population (even if they chose not to buy from that brand people likely still know who they are).

To get to this point there had to be a lot of waste, money to buy advertising that was blanketed across entire markets and advertising ecosystems.

Lots of the people who interacted with the advertising will never buy from the brands that advertised to them but the brand has established itself in their mind as an option.

So if you are spending large amounts of time trying to get everything ‘on brand’ from your logos to your text across your communications you might be wasting a lot of time that could be spent more effectively.

For small businesses they don’t need or want to engage in the waste it takes to create a brand, they should instead be focusing on marketing their business to their target market and establishing their key messages in their psyche.

Yes, every business should be trying to tie everything together underneath a uniform visual identity, but this doesn’t mean they’ve established a brand.

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