Build trust to get repeat business from your customers by being honest even if it costs you money

Take the example of a car mechanic or another specialist profession, when people come to them they have a few options

They can do as much work as charge as much as they feel they can get away with (how many customers will actually know what’s needed)

Or they can be honest with the customer about whats really required or not and save them of money

Whilst the first option only erodes trust when the customer finds out they have been overcharged or had work done that isn’t required

The second option is bound to build trust with the customer – after all would a con artist turn business away

When the customer comes to needing the same problem solved again e.g. an annual car service they are more likely to return to the place that they trust

Build some radical honesty into your business, it might lose you money in the long run but you’ll make more throughout the lifetime of the customer

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