A Business alter ego might be your best tool for building the business you really want

Alter egos might seem like a strange thing to have in business but they can be extremely useful in overcoming negative thoughts or feelings

Often we have thoughts inside our head that we can’t do something or that we aren’t good enough or that we don’t belong

If you feel like this maybe an alter ego is a way to overcome these feelings

All you have to do when faced with a challenge is take on a mental persona of someone who wouldn’t find whatever you are struggling with a challenge

Maybe you struggle to be productive, but you create a character in your head who has no problem shipping work early and well and then you take on that characters traits

It seems like a simple switch but this mental trick can be really useful for a wide range of things, think of it a bit like batman and his bat suit

When you go to work on something that is a challenge you just have to put on your alter ego bat suit and overcome that task or challenge

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