Don’t waste time organically trying to grow your social media audience – just buy it!

Don’t make the mistake thinking that a social following is a free way to grow your business / audience.

First of all if you do succeed in getting a large following, the social platforms won’t want to let you have access without paying anyway (looking at you boost post on Facebook…) if you don’t believe us have a look at your analytics dashboard – how many people are actually seeing the content you currently publish?

So instead of investing heavily in the process of growing your audience on social platforms why not do some work defining who you want your audience to be – we call this the target segment or target customer.

Once you know this information then you can just plug it in to the social media platform you want to use (to best connect with that segment) and pay for the ads.

This might sound simplistic and in many ways it is but it’s how advertising has been done for years and it works.

Posting organically on social media might work for you but it’s definitely not a foolproof or a free way to grow your business.

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