Do You Have A Business or Are You A Sub Contractor

Usually associated with the building trade sub contractors are popping up everywhere and it’s not nessecarily a good thing.

Despite what Amazon will tell you about running your own independent distribution business you are essentailly a subcontractor.

Most amazon delivery drivers are well aware of this and happy to make that trade.

The group that really needs help are those small business owners who have one a big contract (more than 50% of their revenue) and essentially become a contractor for the bigger business having to move at their whims.

Once you do this the tail starts to wag the dog and you lose the ability to make decisions in the businesses best interest rather than the one client who pays all the bills.

Or worse still, if you lose that client maybe you can no longer pay your bills and it ends up sinking the business.

If you are serious about marketing well you need to make sure you are building out a broad client base so that you don’t become solely reliant on one larger business for your own success.

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