Customers Aren’t there to be Conquered

Lots of business advice seems to pit businesses against their customers.

Every interaction from sales to accounting is something to win and make sure that the customer gets the raw end of the deal.

If you even think of lots of the language used in business it militarises the process: “sales force”, “sales tactics” “target market”

The problem with this sort of thinking is that customers can become aware when they are a target to be met and as much value as possible to be extracted from them.

There is an alternative though.

When you share the common goal of helping the customer succeed (and really mean it) you will look at every interaction differently.

You might not sell your highest margin offering if it wasn’t the most suitable for a customers needs, knowing that there is more long term value for your business if you serve the customer well and they have a positive experience of the interaction.

When a customer can see you leaving profit on the table to maximise the value they are experiencing you can build levels of trust other businesses can only dream of.

Once you’ve built trust with the customers and shown that you have their best interests at heart, then every sale from that point on becomes substantially easier to navigate.

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