Stop Creating Clutter – Create Marketing The Works Instead

Too many small businesses are creating marketing that I too easily ignored and blends into the background too easily.

To be effective with your marketing you need to make your brand famous to them.

This simply means that when they think of a particular job to be done they need to think of your product or service.

When you create marketing that looks like everyone else is creating, feels like what everyone else is creating you are going to end up just being another bit of clutter to be ignored.

You need with your marketing to give a reason for you target customers to take notice (usually within a split second)

So once you’ve an effective marketing strategy in place and you start to build your value proposition from this you need to make sure a key part of your promotional planning is to have marketing that doesn’t just copy how everyone else is doing it.

Create something unique to your brand that customers couldn’t mistake for something another company has created.

Don’t let your brand become filler – make sure it becomes famous instead!

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