Marketings Most Important Objective

What is marketing and advertisings most important objective?

To make the product or service famous in their target customers mind.

Think about famous celebrities they are in the public consciousness due to their fame, the media cover their every move from what they had for breakfast to who they are getting divorced from now.

Take away all the media coverage or the content they have produced themselves – movies/music etc. and they are no different than any other human on the planet.

You can see this most clearly when the media cycle moves on from a ‘has been’ celebrity and they totally fall off the map only to possibly resurface in the reality TV circuit.

Fame is a social construct which largely relies on using different mediums to remain in the public consciousness.

Most recently mass media and online platforms has made this cheaper than ever.

But cheaper doesn’t always mean easier because there’s now an arms race to become famous with products or services or people chasing celebrity.

For your brand though the main aim is to make it famous not to everyone but to the right people – your target segment of customers.

This could mean locally famous or famous within a niche it will be different for every business but fame is still the goal.

The reason being that once you are famous as a brand it’s much easier for you to convince shoppers who are on the fence to make the decision to purchase your product or service because your brand is a known quantity.

When it comes to creating fame for your product or service that’s easy – do it the same way brands have been doing it for decades:

Buy it.

Through advertising, PR and owned media channels.

There’s no easy short cuts but creating fame will make things easier for your brand.

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