Can your biggest fans live without what you do?

Whether it’s a product or service that you offer you need to have fans who feel like they couldn’t live without what you have to offer in order to learn about your value proposition.

These die hard fans will be the one that you can observe use cases of your product or service and if the product broke would they go back out and buy a replacement the same day.

If you know that the above is likely to happen then you can use the value that this customer feels about your product to target other similar customers with your marketing and hopefully turn them into fans too!

This becomes a self perpetuating cycle which moving in the right direction will help grow your business.

An added bonus is that the raving fans detailed above are likely to be the ones happy to tell peers about the product / service further recruiting more prospective customers and the cycle continues.

There is a downside to this effect, if you have raving critics the process can move in the other direction – although hopefully not fuelled by your business at the marketing stage, but it could be by a competitor!

So when it comes to marketing and raving fans build a business that helps you get close enough to see and share the value they feel they get from your offering.

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