Do You Really Know Your Customers Needs Inside Out…

Do you have a system in place for understanding your customers?

This isn’t a survey the back of a receipt with the chance to win a cash prize.

Those are likely only answered by the type of people who fill out surveys of want to win something, not a broad section of the population. On top of this the inaccuracy of self reported data is well documented.

What you need is a system that gathers useful information from a cross section of your customers and helps inform business decision making.

It’s fine to survey to get demographic information or other facts that aren’t subjective. Or to find people who would like a follow up call or visit.

For the more nuanced information you’ll need to build in methodologies that involve observation and ethnography (being in the situation with the customers) and recording and auctioning this information.

This can seem like a burdensome task to gather this information before acting on it but with feedback about where your customers are you can be quicker to act, you can show them that you care more and you can react to changes in the market.

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