Targeting The Right Customers Who Are Looking For A Solution.

Are your customers aware of the problem they have when they search for a solution that you offer?

Too many businesses try to convince customers they have a problem before they sell their solution.

This can be costly and take a lot of time and effort.

It’s much easier to sell carpet cleaning services to people who know they have dirty carpets.

When it comes to marketing it’s better to identify the target segment that already is aware they have a problem that needs solved and are actively seeking out the correct solution.

In the carpet example this is the group of people who feel the social pressure, embarrassment or personal discomfort at having dirty carpets.

Once you know who this group is you can position your messaging and your services around this.

If you pair customer intent (those that know they need a solution) with confirmation bias (confirming to people what they already believe) you have a powerful tool.

If you know that X amount of germs live in dirty carpets and that these can be eradicated by cleaning you have a home run for those customers in the target segment who are actively looking for a carpet cleaner because they are worried about the amount of germs or dust mites they are exposed to.

The motivation here being that these customers know
They have a problem: Dirty carpets, full of germs and dust mites.
They want to find a solution: A good carpet cleaner.
They want a service that meets their needs: Clean carpets free of germs and dust mites.

In this example its important to remember that what works for this group won’t necessarily work for others who don’t care as much about how clean their carpets are (or whatever the solution you provide is).

Can you rework your positioning and targeting to bring in customer intent and confirmation bias?

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