What do your customers see when they interact with you?

As a small business owner you might think you know what your customers see when they interact with you.

But seeing things from their perspective can be a useful research exercise.

Picture this:

Maybe you’re having a bit of a bad day, some of your staff have called in sick, a suppliers order is going to be delayed and on top of this your computer system isn’t working correctly.

You are busy trying to get any one of these things fixed and your phone rings, an email comes in or a customer enters your shop.

You know that you are overwhelmed at the minute trying yo keep on top of things but you take the call or open the email or serve the customer because you need the business and want to treat your customers well.

The customer asks you a lot of questions and seems pretty demanding or stressed out.

This makes you more stressed, your mood becomes evident to the customer.

This is the point where you’ve got to understand when a customer comes to you they are only seeing their side of the interaction.

They might only see a stressed out business owner, who’s maybe being a little bit short down the phone or across the counter.

They were expecting their problem that you can solve to be the most important thing for you to deal with – but it’s evident to them it’s not!

They get a bad impression of your business but don’t chalk it up to the bad day that you know you’re having because they aren’t aware of everything that is going on.

When you have a better idea of how customers see the interactions you have with them you can prepare yourself and your staff to treat every interaction like the most important thing to you at that moment in time.

Once you know how to do this from a customers perspective then you can reverse engineer your processes to do this and build in the margin to your business to make sure every interaction is successful.

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