Are you giving enough thought to your customers mindset and your marketing?

Mindset can be as important as what you say when it comes to determining if the customer will make the purchase or not

A good example would be fast food chains using out of home advertising within a reasonable distance from their local stores to show off their latest limited edition burger

A customer who might not have thought about how hungry they were sees the ad as they drive past and thinks to themselves both how appetising it looks but also that there’s a location close by where they can buy that product and then they think about how hungry they are

Equally using the same category a high end restaurant isn’t going to use that same methodology because the mindset when it comes to purchasing (in this case making a reservation) is all together different and they would need to advertise the places that high end customers think about where to go to dine that weekend or for a special occasion

Your challenge as part of your marketing plan is to join up your strategic goals to the use of tactics that engage your target customers at the right time and in the right mindset in order to make the purchase.

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