How to Fit The Customers Narrative

The natural instinct of any small business is to try and make the story of whatever they are selling about them.

This is a mistake.

Businesses and those responsible for the marketing within them often forget that without exception every customer does not care about the companies narrative, no matter what they say.

They might have a preference towards one company or another but this will be because the companies story fits their own personal narrative not the other way around.

Take for example the recent drive for environmentally friendly products or services, many companies are on the band wagon pretending that they are doing the most good for the planet.

Customers generally like this purely for altruistic reasons but a plethora of personal narratives they are telling themselves that might be;

  • They are saving the planet with each purchase
  • They don’t have to feel guilty because they are giving back when they purchase
  • Their peers will think more of them because they have gone for the environmentally friendly option

The list could go on but with any example the philosophy remains the same, it’s about the company fitting the target customers narrative rather than vice versa.

So for your company you need to complete some detailed market research to understand the story customers are telling themselves (hint this might be different than what they articulate in a focus group, one to one interview or survey response) when they purchase or don’t purchase your product or service.

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