Why Your Needs Come After Your Customers

When you start out in business you might have found it a necessity to make some money to pay your bills and put food on the table but it’s likely that if you’ve been any way successful avoiding poverty isn’t on your horizon.

It’s a given that you’ve a business to make money, you aren’t here to run a charity.

But if you plan on staying in business for a long time you need to put your needs second and focus first on those of your customer.

This sounds like it’s an easy thing to do but again and again businesses make the mistake of thinking only from their own point of view.

Take for instance if you run a dentists and you only offer daytime and week day appointments you are probably running it this way because it suits the business and it’s staff best not what suits the customers best.

What might suit them best would be the availability of evening or weekend appointments.

This would be hugely inconvenient for the business but it doest mean that you have to charge the same for those slots as you would weekday.

At this point you’ve introduced dynamic pricing and this might suit the customers even more as those who value making a saving could opt for a weekday appointment and those who value not having to leave work could book in over the weekend or in an evening.

This is just one example but around us there are huge numbers of examples where the business could become more customer orientated and move away from focusing only on the needs of those within the business.

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