Don’t Show People Your Super Powers – Show Them Theirs

People don’t care if you think you are special they want to feel special themselves

Don’t spend so much time taking about yourself instead pivot your marketing to talking about your customers

Let them see how using your product will help them feel special or become more aware that they were special already

There’s an entire luxury goods industry built on the idea that customers will feel good about themselves and gain status with their peers if they buy the luxury version of whatever product they seek

Is the luxury version any better than an own brand good? Probably not if you are just measuring the utility of a good or service

But it’s that extra effect that marketing can add to a product that make customers feel special when they repeat the story you have given them in their own heads (and sometimes out loud to their friends, family of colleagues)

So don’t make your marketing all directly about you or your company but show your customers the story they can tell themselves when they purchase from your brand

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