Embrace the Dead Ends & Ways That Don’t Work

Why you shouldn’t think that finding a dead end in your business is a bad thing..

Most of us have got this idea that something not working out on the first try or with the first idea is a failure or some sort of bad thing

It’s trained into us from a young age that there are tests to pass in life and there are right answers and wrong answers

As adults and entrepreneurs we carry this into every day life like starting our businesses are some form of test question to be answered the ‘right’ way

Which has given rise to a whole industry of ‘experts’ who can help you pass the test of business, if only you pay them enough money!

No doubt some of these well intentioned experts have some good and very useful ideas to share and you could improve your business putting them into practice

At the same time many of those who are ‘successful’ in business by whatever metric you chose to measure success are unlikely to have spent their time taking courses or reading hundreds of business books on different topics to get to their success

What has been proven to be more valuable seems to have been their ability to adapt to their failures and change their plans as necessary and not remain wedded to the original idea but to take any ‘failure’ and learn from it

There is no map for starting your business so you have to take on that attitude of an adventurer who is creating the map that works for you, there will be wrong turns and ups or downs, equally you might never feel like you’ve ‘made it’ (whatever that means to you) either – but it’s the adventure you can enjoy!

So when you come up against a problem, dead end or failure – stop thinking of it as such but change your thinking to that of a learner exploring the world through entrepreneurship

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