Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Default Options

You probably don’t think about them much in relation to your marketing strategy but defaults options are a powerful tool you can use to change consumer behaviour.

The power of a default option lies not in the actual default but with understanding your customer and their state of mind.

As you’ll know every day humans are bombarded with decisions everyday, in our fast paced society we have to make far more decisions than we are biologically wired to.

Enter decision fatigue.

If your not aware of it you have likely felt it, the point in time where your mental processing energy reserves are gone and you feel unable to make one more decision.

This is something that happens to most people to varying degrees depending on their ability to manage their mental energy and how they have structured their lives.

(Side note – this is why at one point Barak Obama wore only grey or navy suits and Mark Zuckerberg wore different versions of the same outfit on repeat, in order to save their mental energy for decisions they felt more important than deciding what to wear)

So if you know that your customers will likely be feeling overwhelmed by constant decision making you can tailor your marketing to help make their purchase experience easier.

This in the form of setting default options when they go to buy will enable them to not to have to make any further decisions once they’ve decided they need to buy.

Obviously you can still offer the option to customise but if you make your default option the best option for most customers you’ll likely see your sales numbers go up as more customers have to think less after their purchase decision.

The default option can be paired well with some creative pricing decisions around low, mid and premium tier pricing options (if you put the mid tier close to the premium then you’ll find more people opt for the high priced option if the difference is negligible).

Why not take some time to think through your default options and pricing strategy for your business today? If you don’t feel confident talking it on your own, why not get in touch we’d love to help!

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