This one change could make a massive difference to your marketing and your whole business

Small business owners attitude towards marketing and to their business more broadly is generally that of spray and pray that it works

Copying what they see others doing and hoping for the best.

This misses out a key point in the planning both for business and for marketing.

Defining the outcome.

If you don’t start with the end in mind you won’t know A) if you are doing the right thing to get there or B) if you’ve even got there at any point in the future.

This can be why marketing campaigns which are ineffective are deemed successful as there wasn’t an outcome identified at the start.

Equally, business can be seen as a failure if they don’t grow by 10x like other start ups. But if their defined goal is slow growth but to support their community, employees and customers then if they achieve that what might like look a failure can be celebrated as a success.

Defining the outcome gives you both a lens to look through but also a measuring stick to progress against.

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