Don’t Be Different, Be Distinctive

Small businesses are always trying to strive to make themselves different from the competition.

But all this effort might be wasted.

It’s very difficult to compete on differentiation as whatever you do will likely be replicated multiple times within the market you serve.

The boffins at the marketing think tank the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute have found that in their research differentiation doesn’t matter as much as people think it does.

Instead they encourage brands to become distinctive in order to cut through the clutter.

After all, customers who often shop at McDonalds will likely also frequent Burger King.

Those that buy a Mercedes might buy a BMW the next time they change cars.

Or even if someone holidays in Rhodes every year might try a different location the next time they book a break.

Instead if you are marketing anything you need to develop a distinctive brand first.

A great example of this was when McDonalds (who have a hugely recognisable and distinctive brand – just as any 3 year old) were able to show only part of the famous ‘M’ Golden Arches on some out of home advertising and everyone still knew it was their messaging.

For your business you might not be running as high level advertising campaigns but it doesn’t mean you can’t make your brand distinctive from those around it, within it’s category and the wider market.

This could be through from the font type to how your service agents answer calls, all those this is advertising and you get to chose how distinctive you are.

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