Stop trying to go viral it probably won’t help your business 

Lots of businesses big and small spend lots of time, money and effort hoping to go viral 

They’ve seen other companies get massive exposure from things that have resonated with a mass audience

But there’s three reasons you probably don’t want this to happen 

First off you run the risk of totally missing the mark and going viral for the wrong reasons hurting your brand

Secondly if you do crack the code and manage to go viral once you probably don’t have the sales funnel behind that to cope with demand if that comes

Which means you won’t see long term growth in your business and any errors due to the increase in customers will likely hurt your brand

Finally, if you take a step back at you marketing strategy (p.s. going viral isn’t a strategy) you need to ask yourself does going viral fit in with your short and long term goals? 

If you’ve done the hard work to create a strategy going viral is probably pointless because you know your segments and how to serve them – invest in your marketing there

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