Buckets & Drops – Trust in small businesses…

Once you get past the basics of meeting customers expectations, there is nothing more important to a small business than ensuring they are building trust and keeping that trust with their customers and their target customers.

“Trust is built in drops and lost in buckets” – Kevin A. Plank

Arguably small businesses are actually best positioned to build trust with their customers.

When a customer can look a business owner in the eye when somethings gone wrong it much easier to rebuild or establish trust at that point than when a customer gets placed in a phone queue to a large corporate entity who doesn’t seem to care that the business messed up.

Trust can’t be automated, it’s hard to prescribe and it will look different in every business.

Trust is a distinctly human feeling.

This comes back to the point that small businesses are distinctly human endeavours which makes it easier to establish and maintain that trust, here’s a few ideas for making sure you gain and keep trust with your customers:

  • Only make promises you can keep
  • Keep those promises
  • Say sorry, early and often
  • Only serve the customers your business is actually for
  • Over communicate with your customers (without spamming them)
  • Remember your customers are humans not just numbers or names in a database
  • If in doubt – Be human.

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