Email isn’t dead, it’s still the killer app

Email is easily discounted as a useful marketing communications tool but it remains today one of the best direct marketing channel.

If you think about it every adult in most of the western world uses email almost daily.

Yes most adults are also overwhelmed by the amount of incoming email they receive but on the whole as a marketing communications tool when it’s done correctly, it’s a net positive that can add value.

When you sign up for social media accounts, online shopping accounts or government agency platform what is the key identifier you had over to be able to log in – your email address.

If businesses want a way to keep you informed and to be sure it will likely get through to you? They use email – even the social media companies!

So instead of discounting email marketing from your marketing mix, why not think how you could best use it to communicate with your customers to build trust and add value. All without abusing the right to appear in their email inbox with unwanted spam.

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