Decision Making Could Be The Best Skill For A Small Business Owner

Starting and running a new venture is basically just an exercise in decision making

Whether you like it or not you’ll making decisions everyday about your business and your marketing with or without a strategy in place

The beauty of having a predefined well thought out strategy is it gives you and your business a framework to view every one of those decisions

For someone starting out it might seem like to big a task to create a full blown strategy but even a short and simple one will give you the information you need to get started

You’ll be able to make all the decisions a new venture will be forced to make with some form of coherency

You might deviate or adapt your strategy if necessary but it’s more like a map for a long car journey, if as you go you decide to visit somewhere else on the way you’d just change your plan and not stick religiously to the predefined route

The same goes for a strategy whilst it might be useful to stick to it religiously (not often the case when starting out – especially with limited information) you’ll probably have to change course more than once!

But without a strategy you’ll find everything from lack of focus, decision burn out or a Frankenstein of a product or service without a clear strategy in place from the outset

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