Are you making this mistake with your buyer persona?

Many small business owners who have started getting serious about their marketing have taken the time to create a buyer persona.

Usually this comes about after reading an online guide for everything you need to know about small business marketing or something to that effect.

Whilst, the buyer persona has some use around getting businesses to think more clearly about their customers they can be riddled with errors and often created from instincts or opinions rather than information gathered through market research.

Even if the persona is created with quality information and provides useful insights to the business owner or marketer they often fall prey to the mistake of thinking that the customer defined in the persona is a static human being.

Often personas take no account of the evolving nature of human beings who change throughout time and as they encounter different things throughout everyday life.

Tony Zambito encourages marketers to think of the persona as a movie rather than a single static photography. With a photo you get a snapshot of a story but with a movie you can get the whole story!

If you spend time creating a persona and making it part of your marketing strategy process then you need to insure you are investing in keeping up to date as your customer changes or if your product begins to appeal to other customer segments.

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