Failure Is Not A Necessity

If you were to travel back in time too far into the business annals of history you would end up in a period of time when failure was a dirty word around entrepreneurs.

There was the deeply held assumption that if you failed, bankruptcy and a future of dead end jobs would be all that waited for you on the other side.

Then things changed (and everybody started posted the Thomas Edison quote, you know the one I mean) and failure was embraced by the start up community as founders celebrated their failures and encouraged their teams to fail fast because it offered so many benefits.

Whilst it is probably more healthy to have a positive view of failure, because it isn’t fatal if you build your business correctly and there is learning to be had whilst you are failing.

But the thought thats pervasive in business culture at the minute that you need to have had some catastrophic failures to have learn’t enough lessons in business in order to be successful is just a form of Failure Porn that seems to be legitimate theory on the outside but scrape the surface and it’s ultimately just smoke and mirrors.

You can learn just as much with the right mindset when you are being successful as if you were failing.

So, stop celebrating people failing for the sake of it.

Instead look at learning how to process the information behind why we are succeeding and building upon that.

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