Does Your Marketing Make People Feel Things?

“You can say the right thing about a product and nobody will listen. You’ve got to say it in a such a way that people will feel it in their gut. Because if they don’t feel it, nothing will happen.” Bill Bernbach

How often do you fill your marketing with information that you know is important to your customers.

You’ve stayed away from just talking about features and have focused on the right things like:

Telling them all about the benefits that using your product or service might offer the target customer.

Ensuring they know the problem that you solve rather than just talking about the product or service as an abstract thing.

But the marketing still isn’t connecting with your customers.

In this case you likely have a problem with the creativity of your advertising.

Two messages might be exactly the same but if they are presented in a different way they can make customers feel different things.

Think about brands that are very intentional about how they use music or sounds in their promotional work, much like a movie director depending on the feeling they want their customer to have they can change the style of music they opt for.

Or if it’s a video or photo advert the type of lens or filter used on the photo can convey different emotions.

It’s these emotions you want customers to feel then they think about their problem and you as the solution.

To create promotional work like this takes a lot of effort and a depth of knowledge of your target customers to understand what connects with them.

But once they start feeling it you’ll be able to sell to them again and again.

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