Don’t Make This Mistake On Your Small Business Website

You might have spent ages making your website looking pretty.

Or getting the story of how your Grand Parents started the business without a penny to their name and now it’s grown generation after generation.

You might even have some really nice photos of your factory or showroom up on the site.

But none of this really matters.

What matters is: are you solving the problem your customers have when they visit the site?

In this case are they able to find out how to do business with you and execute that action.

e.g. can they buy something if you are able to offer e-commerce, are they able to book an appointment, are they able to speak to someone over live chat?

These are called your ‘Calls to Action’ and you need to make them really clear and show them repeatedly over your website.

If you want to share the history of your company or make a website that looks pretty save that for your hobby – your business website should be a space to sell whatever it is that you sell.

Yeah having a good looking website is important but it’s more important that it’s clear to the customers and that they can find the information they need when they visit it.

So take a minute today and look at everything across your website and ask does it really need to be there and can you make your call’s to action any more clear?

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