Don’t Ignore The Four P’s

A lot of small businesses feel like they can get by on intuition alone when planning their marketing but for most that won’t always work

When you try to plan intuition you are leaving some key tools in the tool bag that have been developed and codified across the field of marketing with both small and large businesses

Take as an example the 4P’s of the marketing mix; Product, Price, Promotion and Place – there’s lots of “gurus” that will try to convince you these aren’t a useful way to think about marketing planning or creating a value proposition anymore.

However, when you look at each part they provide immense value in the thinking that they can make you work through as part of your marketing planning.

For example with place you can look at your marketing strategy and the market research you have an make clear decisions about where you will and as importantly offer your product for sale

But you have to remember you won’t look at each element of the 4P’s in isolation because a decision about Place might impact the decisions you make around Price and so on

Without this clear framework you end up with decisions that are disconnected and don’t support the overall marketing strategy, ultimately you’ll end up chasing every angle and succeed with none!

If you are clear on each of the four P’s and how they relate to your business you can then work them into a more integrated & nuanced value proposition you will come up with something far more useful than whatever a fake guru tells you or than what you can intuit alone

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