Marketing Funnels Don’t Get Caught Out Thinking They A More Than A Useful Tool!

You’ve probably used one or had it recommended by some marketing strategist or guru but one of the biggest downfalls of a marketing funnel is thinking that it is anything close to real life.

If you thought that the steps to purchase across from your communications were anything close to accurate then you would be hugely mistaken.

This is because how customers make purchase decisions is hugely different for each of them.

This is why brand advertising worked.

Customers saw the messaging a brand put out into the market place in a few of a wide variety of locations and then when they came to need whatever that product or service was the brand was front of mind.

As the marketing process has been optimised and customers are able to be tracked within an inch of their lives there has been an over reliance on funnels and optimising these to deliver consistent growth for businesses.

Online sales funnels for online products or services can work quite well (because of this addiction to customer data) but if you have any offline elements to your purchase process the efficacy of the funnels can break down quite quickly.

As a small business, do use funnels to plan out your buyers journey and think through the customer touch points and how you can best market to them but don’t get caught thinking that funnels are more than a useful too!

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