Garbage In Garbage Out

When it comes to data collection of any variety for market research, what you put in to your system will define what comes out at the other end.

If you jump into research projects yourself without properly thinking it through and putting the right guard rails in place then of course you will get misleading data.

Then if you use that data to create a marketing strategy you’ll end up wasting money and time (which you can’t get back) producing marketing that won’t ultimately work.

So, in the design of your market research make sure that you think through your data collection and analysis carefully.

What type of data collection is most appropriate?
How will you control for research bias?
How will you test your analysis methodology to prove if your findings are correct?
What is your plan for actioning the research findings?

These are just a few start questions to consider when developing small scale market research projects but taking time to think them through can benefit your business in the long run.

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