Getting Customer Referrals Might Be Your Hardest Marketing Challenge

You might think that getting your first customer is the biggest start up hurdle you’ll face with your small business but it probably isn’t even close

Getting your first sale is relatively easy because you likely have friends or family who trust you and might have a go with your product or service – essentially because they have to

Even if you don’t have someone in that situation, making a one to one sale isn’t the hardest thing in business if you have a well shaped sales pitch in line with your marketing strategy

The real hurdle is getting those initial customers to tell their friends, family, colleagues or business partners

For people to tell others they have to really love your product or service (who tells people about average things?), trust you that you won’t let them down (they’ll lose status with whoever they recommend you to if you do)

Most importantly without realising it they have to know your positioning statement almost as well as your marketing team so they can without thinking identify which of their peers might be a good fit for your business

This is the real challenge of marketing shaping how your customers to associate your product and how they see it in the market, once the see that they can tell others

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